Every little bit helps! So, with a willing spirit, each of us can have a little part in keeping our water safe for ourselves and our loved ones. See if you can help in small ways that add up to a big success for all of us!

Citizen involvement with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program occurs at the time of the initial State NPDES authorization process, through submission of public comments and participation at public hearings, and may occur during any substantial program revision. Citizens may also participate in the federal rulemaking process where NPDES program requirements are established. Citizen participation helps to ensure the NPDES permit program is working effectively in every community.

A large body of information is available to help interested citizens understand how the NPDES permit program helps to achieve the Nation’s clean water goals. If you are a citizen that wants more information on the NPDES permit program, Water Permitting 101 PDF is a brief overview and history of the NPDES program.